Saturday, February 26, 2005

Inman Auction (March 12 & 13th)

Hi All - Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Work has kept me pretty busy. I do have some good stuff on the way though. Here is one item: the Inman Auction coming up. If you guys are like me, I love old toys. This auction has a pantload of really nice toys.

I was watching the Stout Auction today and the guys with the big, fat wallets were there. Most of the stuff with a box (standard gauge or otherwise) was blindingly expensive. I did pick up a very nice tunnel for about $300.

One thing I did find out that's kind of interesting. I got to speaking to someone at Julia Auctions last week and she told me that if you buy through eBay, the commission structure is over %22. Holy moly! That's insane. I bought a cool little bing station at that auction, I am anxious to see how it looks in person.

More on the way tomorrow....

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PS Does anyone know if there are repro Lionel tunnels out there? I have been watching one on eBay but it is way out of my price range (somewhere around 1900 bucks). Tunnels are like low hanging fruit for a manufacturer. No moving parts, each one can be a little different....

PSS I am still curious how to make the "Carrail like" bent brass mountains. There was an article in CTT about a guy that made a prewar layout and crinkled brass sheets and then painted them. I definitely want to try this but I have no idea of where to start.


Anonymous said...

Some of the prices at the Stout auction really surprised me too.

Gilbert Ives said...

4 March


Check Joe Mania's website for repro plots; Ron Morris might make tunnels as well. I have but one plot for my single MTH house.