Sunday, February 13, 2005

New Mayflower

I know Jim Kelly is partial to night shots, so here's one (albeit with a little movement on the trains part and mine) of the new MTH Mayflower. I'll take some stills of it in the light. Someone said it was extremely nice and I would have to agree. MTH made the last Lionel Classics Mayflower and they also made the President's Special and their anniversary set.

These guys really learn from experience. This set is virtually silent with the sounds off. It runs very smoothly, much smoother than even the original (which is pretty darned good). These things are packed for a real trip, you've never seen so much intricate packing material.

If you want a centerpiece set for a collection, bar none, this is it.

By the way, I have read some of your cards and letters. We'll stay focused on standard gauge and trains. Warm up that ZW for me!

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