Sunday, February 13, 2005

Quick question....

Ok, this is a bit off topic but I wanted to see if anyone had any interest. If not, I will stay on topic.

A very good friend of mine and fellow train nut is a tank commander in the National Guard. As you have probably guessed, he's over in Iraq for the foreseeable future. Now I know standard gauge is a great escape from the real world and most of us need that escape daily.

However, if anyone is interested, I can publish some of my friend Drew's letters here on the blog. They cut through a whole lot of jabber from the media and he really does a good job of letting everyone know what's going on. This guy is a soldier, a tank driver and a guy that is training the Iraqi army to defend their own country.

It isn't standard gauge but it's some pretty compelling reading. Before I posted it though, I thought I would ask what everyone thought. When I read it I stop dead in my tracks and re-read it a couple of times to take it all in. Let me know if you are interested and I will post some of his letters asap. Regardless of your political bent, wartime letters from soldiers are always something to be cherished. Especially from someone as young and as smart as my friend Drew.

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aprochek said...

I'd prefer we stick to standard gauge. I just came from a trainshow in Houston as you may imagine I have to put up with a lot of Clinton bashing and Bush loving, and at yesterday's trainshow I had to hear a lot of that even though I never asked for anyone's opinion. While I won't go into my full rant, suffice it to say my 37 year old friend in the Reserves has been pulled away from his family (with ill child) for an 18 month tour of duty in Iraq because of exteme shortsightedness (nice way of putting it) or incompetence (more to the point) of this Administration and I am very upset about it. And at this moment there is a gang war going on in the neighboorhood next to mine and I am trying to figure out why the gangbangers aren't over there instead. You don't want to hear my full rant in this Blog so please accept that I don't want to hear anyone else's either. There are plenty of soldiers Blogs out there and I encourage everyone to read them, its amazing what's going on over there, both good and bad.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Gotcha. All good points. Anyone else? Otherwise, I'll stick to trains!

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Aprochek, I'd love to hear the full rant. Can you email me at I'd love to hea a rant or two besides mine!


njpatman said...

I would love to hear what your friend, Drew, has to say. If someone doesn’t want to read it they don’t have to. Thanks.