Monday, January 08, 2007

New to SG

Emit sent me some pics of this new trains (of the Ives variety).

He's new to standard gauge; we need to welcome him and tell him thank you for the wonderful pics. He's a recent covert also interested in Voltamp (interested in the Pridelines Trolley).

I am looking forward to many great pics and stories. Even in 2007 (the year everyone was supposed to have a hoverbike and a bungalow on the moon) standard gauge is still a very magnetic (pardon the pun) toy.

I also liked the gargantuan standard gauge cat (ok, it's a real cat that's just plain big). I have two cats but I have banned them from the train room. They're just too rambunctious around my antiques. I have enough trouble just keep the stuff I have straight and in some mild order....


That cat is exceptionally well behaved!

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Jim Kelly said...

Great kitty, great trains, great floor layout, great photos! What is the base for the floor layout made of? Are the trains new issue MTH? Thanks for sending in the wonderful shots.
Jim Kelly