Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Road Trip

One way to break up the winter doldrums is to take day trips, so recently my S.O. (Dan) and I drove out to Pennsylvania Dutch country for our first ever visit to the National Toy Train Museum. We had a great day weather-wise, and we were both amazed at how close the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum is to the TCA museum. Naturally, we combined a visit to the two museums and enjoyed the displays of tinplate at the museum and some of the prototypes on display at the RR museum.

Both museums are impressive. The caboose motel, located just next to the TCA museum, is a sight to see all by itself. It must be interesting to stay overnight in one of the cabooses.

Dan (R) liked the interactive displays at the TCA museum and we were both impressed with the size of the PA. RR museum.
The only downer came when we walked inside several of the vintage passenger cars at the RR museum, which are awaiting restoration. Their condition made us sad as we tried to imagine how nice they looked during their glory days.

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