Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Something In The Oven

What do you do if you have a locomotive but no cars to pull with it, and the correct cars are next to impossible to get? One option is to make cars out of something close that's relatively cheap and available, and that's what I'm doing this week. Repainting tinplate is fun and rewarding, but it's time consuming and tedious work at times. Small tinplate jobs can be done relatively quickly and easily. But with big cars, where you have to remove trim, doors, windows, etc. and carefully mask everything, you just need a lot of time and patience. For best results, you have to "bake" freshly painted tinplate - not too hot - just warm, actually. For small one shot jobs you can use the family stove if the significant other is out of the house and you can open a couple of windows to get rid of the odor. But for a big multi-car tinplate repainting project, you really need your own "shop oven." I'm using a trunk with two 75 watt bulbs and reflectors. It gets nice and warm in there and it only takes about an hour to cure the fresh paint.

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