Sunday, January 07, 2007

NY Transit Museum Toys

Instead of fretting over the new Lionel set, take a look at these.

These toys are completely charming and there is no disputing it; when the kid or adult opened the box, their heart skipped a beat and they had to catch their breath.

There's a nice toy exhibit at the NYC Transit Museum in Brooklyn. Something kind of cool: the original design of the Empire State Building was supposed to have a dock for dirigibles at the top near the needle.

Check out the Erector version of the Empire State Building and the Erector Dirigible. It's just too cool. PS The Hudson and Erector truck is also just amazing.



Jim Kelly-Evans said...

Oh man, what great stuff! I have to make a trip up there again to see this exhibit. I've been following the heavy duty discussion about the new Lionel 0 gauge tinplate set. I guess it's better to have people talking a lot about it than not. Jim

Anonymous said...

That Kingsbury horsedrawn Broadway trolley is a sigificant piece.