Monday, January 15, 2007

Toy Trains Unlimited

First, let me apologize the bizarre formatting the blog has been doing. The HTML is starting to show its' age. The blog code itself is almost 4 years old: that's like 20 dog years.

I am debating on if and how I should change the template or update the existing HTML. Enough computer stuff.

Kenny at TTU sent me some pics of the layouts they are creating. These are really outstanding.

He mentioned something about rolling the 177-B standard gauge layout. I'd love to consider one of these layouts as a permaent home for some of my standard gauge. Any thoughts? These guys just put together a beautiful and accurate product. I know it can be limiting. I have O gauge and 2 7/8 that I run often (by the way, if you like the sound of standard gauge you really out to try listening to 2 7/8, it is noisy and has a bit of a different tone to it).

So any thoughts on pre-fab layouts? We really haven't had the option in quite a few decades, at least in classic Lionel dealer form. So is it better to roll a toy train layout with your own two hands or is it better to have time to run the trains as they were meant to be run; on a terrific layout created by skilled craftsmen?


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