Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good Summer Reading From The TCA!

I've been having a busy summer and so I have not been able to post regularly to this blog, but standard gauge trains have not been far from my mind. I follow the action on EBAY with interest, although it has slowed down like most of the rest of toy train world for the summer. I did manage to snag this fine old Boucher loco and its tender a few weeks back. So even in summertime there are some standard gauge items of interest to just about all of us.

The recently published July 2007 issue of the Train Collector's Quarterly (the TCA's flagship magazine) has a great article, one of a series, penned by John DeSantis on "The Other Big Three" standard gauge manufacturers: Dorfan; Boucher; and General Trains. The text is informative and the pictures of the trains from John's collection are magnificent. I particularly enjoyed reading about General Trains. I have seen some of these trains on EBAY from time to time, but I knew nothing about them. John's article sheds a lot of light on this little known manufacturer of standard gauge trains from the prewar era.

Another fine article contained in this issue of the Quarterly focuses on Dorfan: "The Overlooked Jersey Jewel." Once again, the article contains lots of good reading and great pictures are included.

So, even though summer is more or less off season for those big trains we all love, there are some interesting items to pursue and some good reading is available. And it won't be long now until we're back into the high season for our beloved standard gauge trains.


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