Thursday, July 19, 2007

Herb Morley TCA Cars

Sometime ago someone showed me a McCoy boxcar and said they couldn't find any reference to it in the standard literature.

Here's a nice pic from the McCoy 1969 catalog. The reason it isn't so easy to classify was because these were special cars made up just for Herb Morley. The production wasn't in the thousands or even in the hundreds.

Check out the price tag and prepare for sticker shock! 9 whole dollars in change!

Don't give me any baloney that 9 dollars was alot than. 9 dollars is a great deal for a boxcar like this, even before 1969. These are really neat, can anyone send in some pictures of them today on a pike?

Oh ya, I liked the below picture of the McCoy prototype. Just a neat little train. Quite a collectors item now.



Tyler said...

Funny thing- Herb Morley is (was) my grandpa (Died in '84) My grandmother (still going strong @ 92) still has these trains. I was doing family research and stumbled upon this website.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Thanks Tyler! Don't be a stranger! I'd love to see some color pics I could show on the blog of your Granda's trains! He must have been one heck of a guy! Can you give us some history on your grandfather and how Herb came into such a wonderful relationship with Bob McCoy Sr.?
Thanks for stopping by!