Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Lou Hertz

From the great Mr. Dave McEntarfer, a couple of nice pictures of Lou Hertz.

The first is The first is from 1959 when SGA was at Bridgeport. They placed a plaque at the old Ives Factory.

The second picture is of Lou Hertz signing his new book 'Messers Ives Of Bridgeport' for his secretary.

It isn't a bad book either, I'd recommend a look for all of you newbies that are interested in Ives. Just because MTH remakes it and you can buy it doesn't mean you know everything about the men, the company or products. Believe me, the whole story and the un-produced or undiscovered products you aren't seeing are just as interesting as the remakes of the great products you can buy. At the very least, save an eBay search for "Hertz" and try to pick up one of his books. They may not be 100% historically accurate but they are interesting nonentheless.


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