Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stay Tuned...

I have to check if this is from Ward Kimball's collection or from one of the TCA's founding members (Ed Alexander). Pretty sure it's Ed Alexander....

The glass canopy station is what caught my eye. If my guess is correct, just about any gauge of toy train could actually fit under that roof.

These were glorious trains. Does anyone have a prewar Marklin, Fandor or Bing layout they can show off? I wonder why the prewar manufacturers in Europe had so much greater detail than Ives, Flyer and Lionel? Also, the people look scale (which is always kind of unusual in standard gauge.

I still like glass canopy stations like this. The natural ligh through glass pulling into a train station really just makes everything more alive (I took a train into the Budapest Station last year in Hungary and it was really, really exciting (although I think our conductor last bathed in the late 70's).


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alinoz said...

Bottom line is that Bing made a lot of items for US maufacturers prior to WWI (Ives - including the big stations and American Flyer, so to say that US manufacturers could not keep up with the finer detail of Bing's items is in this case to say that Bing could not keep up with Bing! Al