Friday, September 10, 2004

Mulberry Street

Mulberry Street Trolley (made by Mr. Cohen). Thanks Mike V. for sending this! Wouldn't it have been great to ride down Mulberry Street in one of these?Posted by Hello


aprochek said...

this is the reason I don't collect trolleys anymore, I hae no idea what's real or fake. I have a 202 trolley I spent a fortune on, and thought it was real, but I just got a repro roof from Jimmy Cohen and it looks just like the finish on my trolley, so now i am not so sure. Think I'll go back to car collecting.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Trolleys are a fickle beast. Be really careful with purchasing originals. I have seen the finishing Jim can do, he can make it so you can't tell a fake from a real one (except that his name is on the bottom). I would wager to say that some unscrupulous seller with a penchant for $15k or more would be glad to paint over Jim's signature. Best to have a guy like Jim look at it first. It's worth the fee he charges.