Saturday, September 18, 2004

Stout Sept. 17th & 18th Auction

Just watching this thing on eBay's live auctions -

The prices are pretty much in the stratosphere. Some of the stuff is reasonable - I just saw a boxed 256 O Gauge Engine in great shape go for about $1000.

Still though, I'd love to know who can afford some of these prices! I just watched an orange 9U set in ok shape go for about $7200! Yes, I have seen the Frank Petruzzo video from years ago where he brags about paying well over $10k for a boxed 9U special set. But he was definitely the exception to the rule (come on, who has 14 Blue Comet sets)?

Something tells me MTH is going to do well in the longterm if they keep reproducing this stuff with good/consistent quality over the long haul. I'd love to know if anyone else will ever enter the field to make some great and reasonably priced standard gauge?

I'm sorry, but to me $1000 is still a good chunk of change and takes me a while to earn.

Anyone have any thoughts on the high price of our hobby?



Anonymous said...

Yes the Stout prices were amazing in many cases. I was interested in the AF Flying Colonel set that went for over $5K - way out of my range and much higher than I figured it would have gone for given the condition of the set with corrosion, etc. But the high end stuff is not the only way to enjoy the hobby. I get immense pleasure out of my operator grade trains. Also, there still are good deals to be had at train meets and even on EBAY on even rare stuff in better condition. So when I see these prices it just makes me happier that I have been able to collect many of the same trains and accessories for much less $$$ by being patient and saavy.

Jim Kelly

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I agree with Jim. Patience really pays off in this hobby. So do friendships and I am glad we have a guy like Jim watching out for the hobby.