Thursday, September 23, 2004

Cars for Trains

Ok, so I know we are all building layouts and need cars on these layouts. Tom Virgil asked the question on the standard gauge groups page.

I took a couple of pictures of cars I have collected. Some are closer to scale than others, although scale is kind of irrelevant in standard gauge. Since these are toys what really matters is how much you like the auto and how it fits into your layout.

The above is a Wyandotte Pickup. Not quite scale but still looks pretty darn neat next to the old 42.

PS The link above gets you to an eBay area with some great antique toy cars. Posted by Hello


Dave Farquhar said...

Thanks much for the tip. I'm in the process of building a traditional tinplate O gauge layout (I don't have the room for Standard) and I think vintage vehicles will probably look better than the modern 1:43 vehicles.

What do you do for buildings? I got to see a couple of Marx litho playset buildings up close today and measure them. I think they're too big for O but with the doors being 2.5 inches in height, they might be right on for Standard. And often they're priced lower than the buildings the hirailers buy.

Gilbert Ives said...

I do SO love the Schuco "Oldtimer" series. But there are few models, and all are from before the Great War. Wonder if anyone else made/makes compatible cars from 20's/30's?