Saturday, September 11, 2004

Amazing 2 7/8 Collection

Ok, I went into a minor respiratory arrest when I saw this. I hyperventillated and my son needed to get me a paper bag. I wish I could see more collections like this. The owner of the amazing 2 7/8's collection I mentioned in prior posts sent this to me. Shows that these trains are tremendous when used to their fullest potential.

Click on the picture to get a better/enlarged shot.

By the way, looking at this got me thinking - will the new MTH 2 7/8 gauge stuff run on AC or DC? The 2 7/8 gauge stuff I have doesn't like AC very much. I wonder if this is going to be a one shot deal for MTH or if they are going to span this out a bit? Only time will tell but it does make me anxious to see their next catalog.

One more thing that's kind of interesting to think about - with all of the new fangled electronics coming out for us train folks, not much of it seems compatible with the old stuff. Except one interesting thing I read - apparently the DCS system from MTH can handle AC and DC. Obviously my 2 7/8 and my standard gauge isn't going to run with any kinds of fancy sound systems (except that lovely noise they make anyway) but it is good to know we at least have an option besides a throttle. The remotes for DCS are kind of neat and it does let you control a tremendous amount of "stuff" on a layout.

Sorry, still fixated on that tremendous collection. Breathe Marc, breathe into the bag and think about your happy place..... Posted by Hello

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