Sunday, September 26, 2004

Model Engineering Works

Gilbert Ives had a good point in a prior post. These guys have some great repro tinplate up, especially if you like Ives wide gauge (like I do). Not everything that ran in the first part of the 20th Century came from Lionel....

Check out MEW's reproduction stuff. I know I'll be ordering it sooner than later. At least the pics certainly don't disappoint. I gotta say it, thank God there is another manufacturer of tinplate in the USA. As much as I like buying MTH stuff I like buying product from local folks even more. I like to know where my money goes!

By the way, they are a great parts dealer as well, very reputable and honest.Posted by Hello

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Gilbert Ives said...

Joe Mania said that he'd like to do a co-production with MEW -- a "NO-COMPROMISE" reproduction IVES Circus Set. He'd do the cars, MEW has Rich-Art tooling for 1134 & tender.

One can only dream, hope, pray, and BEG for it to happen!