Sunday, January 30, 2005

Some great sets....

Anyone seen these mint? These sets are gorgeous, I wish they'd get remade. I have some mint 1912's from Jim Cohen and one very good original 54. But nothing like this. I'd love to see what a fully mint, boxed set looks like.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, these are nice sets. My collection is focused on later period "Classic" era SG, but lately I have "discovered" and have been admiring the beauty of the 42 loco. I guess I just never really looked that closely at it before. But this loco pulling 10 series frieghts or two day coaches is really a beautiful sight. I'd love to have a set with a 42 pulling three 18,19,190 cars illuminated with the light string kit.

Nice photos from Amatos and the Amherst show.

JIm Kelly