Friday, November 11, 2005

Biggest Layout - Pictures and Contest

Everybody seemed to like the article on E. Carl Pieper. Kirk dropped me a note (he had an a neat idea; he'd like to see everyone's biggest layouts).

Here's my spin on that idea -

I have an extra MTH Standard Gauge boxcar (NIB). It's just sitting in my closet. If I were to get a whole bunch of really great pictures and some stories in my inbox, the "said" boxcar could get Fed Ex'ed to a lucky story teller.

I got an MTH 500 series freight, new in the box. The best pictures and stories about the largest layouts you have seen will win the boxcar. I get decide which story is the best (with a little reader feedback) and I get to decide who gets the freight. Rules and regulations? Solely my discretion and decision. Compensation for stories I don't use??? No.

Please send in any stories and pics you have of the biggest layouts you have ever seen. Even if they are of your own layout. You could win a free freight car (Standard Gauge, MTH).


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Standard Gauge Blogger said...

So far, not a single story. Sometimes I feel like I publish this blog and I am just talking to myself. I know other people read it because the counter is going up. I need you all to provide some input. I am good at modifying the website and posting reader pics and feedback but I can't do it without you. Part of the reason I publish this thing is because I don't have to through a huge committee or editor to say what's on my mind. You can also say (and show) what's on yours!