Friday, November 18, 2005

Ted Maurer 11/26/05 Auction

This is why I have no decent stock investments. I see auctions like this and I have momentary stoppage of blood to the part of my brain that creates common sense juice (or whatever the thing is called that stops me from acting like an idiot).

This auction is going to be amazing. Not much Lionel but an amazing collection of everything else. Check it out using the link above.



aprochek said...

Maurer just drives me crazy - almost none of his auctions are offered for internet bidding, the few that are only have a coule select items for internet bidding, and the items selected seem to be almost at random - not all the best stuff is offered. A few years ago he offered a lot more on the internet on pretty much every auction. And no condition descriptions. You pretty much have to be there or send a friend/agent. His auctions bring the prices as well as anyone else's, so I guess he isn't suffering, but I have to do most of my shopping elsewhere.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

The crew at Maurer are excellent. To be frank, my expectations for Internet Auctioneers are pretty low. A basic listing like Ted offers with some grouping is fine with me. I live about 1.2 hours from PA and about 4 Hours from Maurers. I don't mind the drive if I know the auction is worth my time. With the volume he does, it's worth the drive. They usually have multiple auctions happening simultaneously.

He's one of the more reputable and decent auction houses and I have to disagree, his prices aren't too high. I like buying from him because I know the money is going to local folks here on the East Coast. They aren't some anonymous auction for someone that "has been collecting for years". It's always an old time collector looking to move to FLA or the like. I guess it is just a matter of preference.