Tuesday, November 08, 2005

World's Largest Model Railroad Housed In Home Of LPIU Family

The above title is from "Graphic Arts Unionist" in 1969. I have no idea if this publication still exists but the title intrigued me.
I spoke to a friend of mine (Jim Cohen). He'd seen the layout and said it was by far the largest he had ever seen. He said that there was at least a half mile of track. I scanned in the whole article and did some optical character recognition. Ergo, here is the article and captions.

"MODEL TRAINS (AND BOY'S JOY) UNLIMITED. Typical of youngsters (of all ages) was the response of then seven year old Jefferson Moody when he first saw the world's largest model railroad, owned by Stamford Local 90P member E. Carl Pieper. Jeff was with his father, Managing Editor William Moody of the Graphic Arts Unionist, when he covered the story for the magazine. Jeff now has a lifetime C & E pass No. 209 "good for transportation on all trains, subject to conditions and rules started by the company". Jeff is now eager to "join the crew" of local youngsters who spend several hours of their time "working on the railroad" every Friday night."

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