Thursday, November 24, 2005

A page from McCoy....

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was really anxious to get up and play with some trains today but about a thousand chores before dinner got in the way.

To the left; a few McCoy items I have been looking for. The Interurbans are especially nice. The Rapid Rabbit is another cool little item I have wanted for some time as well. I just haven't seen this kind of innovation in standard gauge lately. Based on the scarcity and cost of these items, I have to believe there is a market for them. I'd love to test my new MTH switches with the Rapid Rabbit. I tried a McCoy Trolley I have (prototype built with Jim Cohen) on some Gargraves Track the other day and it was absolutely smooth as glass. I have to imagine the Interurbans run the same way. By the way, when I say smooth it runs better than some Pittman motor product I have. I think it's also because McCoy had the flanging on the wheels right. Whatever it is, I'd love to see the above trains!


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