Friday, December 30, 2005

Forney vs. Jad GG1 part 2

This gives a better idea of size. To the far right is the Rich Art E-2.

For those of you that have spent some time in Lancaster, you have probably seen the real GG1. I think the Forney version really does capture the essence of the prototype.

I actually worked with a guy that worked on the PRR and drove GG1's. He was quite a character. Let's just say, he liked the way the GG1 looked. He said driving them was a whole different matter (he didn't like it, he said it was tough to see out of them). He also hated the ride on concrete ties (too firm and unyielding). He was definitely my kind of guy. He used to irritate our mutual manager to no end but that's another story.....


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