Friday, December 30, 2005

The Master at Work....

Here's a quickpic of the masterbuilder (James Cohen) fine tuning some trolley motors.

Every time I see this man I learn something I didn't know. Just watching him wind these motors is a lesson in electronics. The man has so many standard gauge parts it's amazing. This guy has forgotten more than I will ever know.

Here's the thing too: I've seen his wheels (for say, 10 series trucks) work and I have seen some replacements on the market as well as gear made by other manufacturers. There is really something to be said for a craftsman.

Jim's wheels work. Now that may sound silly but not all wheels are created equal. Trust me, I watched his on trains and I have watched others and the trains act differently. They sway differently and even make a different noise. It has something to do with the flanging and type of metal. Whatever it is, this guy has the recipe down to a science.


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