Thursday, December 15, 2005

Joe's Coal Train

In case you are wondering what it says on the sign in Joe's Train Room:

"My Wife Told Me She Was Going To Leave Me If I Didn't Give Up My Trains. Boy, I'm Sure Going To Miss That Girl".

I frequently remind my wife that I could have other hobbies such as:

Full time customer of a strip club.
Full time bar patron.
Star Trek convention attendee as well as a guy that dresses up to look like Scotty (will never happen).
Collector of rare stock certificates.

Purchaser of food off of eBay that looks like people from history.
Bigfoot hunter (I always like those shows where they have people wandering around in forests with green nightvisition goggles, they never see anything and they always look like they are insane at the end but they vow never to give up).

I know I'm going to agitate someone with this list, there's always a bigfoot hunter that also collects trains and swears Sesquatches stole a pig from his barn (by the way, Sesquatch is Indian for "smelly monkey").

My point (before going off on a tangent) is that Joe has built something really unique. Built being the key word. The reason baby boomers and people that played with trains were and are so successful is that they spend time building things instead of sitting around and whining about how they got "shafted by society".

My wife is growing more tolerant of my collecting, predominantly because she can see that building stuff is a big part of making kids productive parts of the world. Most kids spend their time collecting X-Box crap and not building diddly. That just isn't the way it is in my house.

Ok, I just liked the sign (and the awesome collection and layout). I know, I haven't talked much lately (or at all) about refinishing old toys or Ives and Lionel coupler variations. I'll get there.


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