Friday, January 20, 2006

Frank's Roundhouse - Cont

In the interest of time, I posted the rest of Frank's Roundhouse Pics to one post. What a difference 17 years makes. The prices really haven't gone up that much but I would still love to have acquired some of the custom painted items.

Lately I have heard that the Classics stuff actually runs better than current MTH. I find that puzzling because I do know that the Classics were built by Mike for Lionel. If anything, I would have thought that refinements in manufacturing would have improved quality substantially. I just hope that the selection and the choice comes along again.

In 1989 I was still in college, my father had just past away and most of my meals were Ramen Noodles and water. Having exactly diddly to your name at any age is awfully humbling. I wonder what 2006 will look like?

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