Wednesday, January 11, 2006

McCoy 1987

The year was 1987. Bob McCoy put out some of the most imaginative standard gauge yet. By anyone' s standards, this was probaby one of the best train catalogs ever.

It had something for everyone. It was for people on a budget, people that didn't have alot of room, people that liked logging, the circus or just plain old like bright enamels on big trains.

I am going to post as much of this catalog as webspace permits. I have already posted some of the pictures in the past but now that I have the whole catalog it begs to be posted.

As you can also tell, my writing skills in the morning are much better than after 10 hours worth of work. My vocabulary and grammar seems to be finite and gets depleted throughout the day. It could be all of the conference calls I have to sit on where I have to listen to business jargon/psycho babble for hours at a time. It could be the unrelenting, butt head customers I deal with that only know how to ask for a lower price but wouldn't know service or quality if it bit them straight in the rear (and drew blood).

Whatever it is, I am always glad to come back to the train room and to great toys such as the above. They are timeless, unique and standing monuments to the great men that built them as well as the railroad empires they went into. It is part of the reason I write the blog. If we don't remember these people nobody will.

More great McCoy coming later on!


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