Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Step in The Right Direction....

So it looks like a little bit of tin made it into the new Lionel catalog.

Ok, so it's O gauge. Ok, so it's $630 for a starter set from a 1935 catalog.

But it's a start, Lionel is trying. That's all we can ask. Maybe some standard gauge will reappear?

There are some nice trains in this catalog. The Hiawatha O gauge engine is nice however I have to say that this engine has now been officially beaten to death. It's been produced so much we're into the overkill.

The BB-1 set is mighty nice. I like the BB-1 engine as well as a few others that defined the electric age. I also really like the S-2 and the N&W J. All good stuff but it has all been done before.

I guess if I were to yield an opinion I would have to say that it looks distinctly like the beginning of a "turn the corner" product line up. I am stressing the beginning as in "signs of intelligence" are in Mt. Clemens, Michigan or where ever the shots are now getting called.

Remember when Apple introduced the iMac and Steve Jobs was coming back 10 years ago? Yep, well Lionel is well before that. They have a great name and a catalog that doesn't completely suck.

Now for those of us that are accustomed to great ideas, great trains and standard gauge, 2 7/8, 1 Gauge and so on, this catalog is entertaining but not for us... Yet... O gauge is fine but plastic structures and cheesy accessories are still yawners.

We expect more from a great name and a great company. Come on guys, everyone would love to love Lionel. Stop selling yourselves short.



Clint said...

Not a very distinctive set for the price, IMHO. A Baby Blue Comet or a 238 Torpedo set would have been a better choice for O gauge. As you said, at least it's a step in the right direction.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

It's the cheapest set to produce in tinplate and still charge alot for (short of the Mickey Mouse Handcar).

I would have hoped they got a little aggressive as well; they already screwed up the 238 once. I would have liked to see them go for something that commands substantial dollars on the collectors market like the O gauge Blue Streak.

It's just a beginning, let's see what they do next....