Friday, January 20, 2006

Frank's Roundhouse Cont.

I see two sets (the top two) I would grab right away. I'd have to give the pink one some thought.

Although, I did see a pink 400E and cars at the TCA Museum in Strasburg and I liked it. Maybe it was just the bright colors or the fact that my daughter took a shine to it, for whatever reason I thought it was kind of nice.

I know, I am going to get a note from a purist telling me that "These are no good because they aren't original cars from the 30's and they are recent hacked up Lionel's."

I beg to differ. These are new looking trains that work great and are far less expensive than originals. As I have lamented several times on the blog and others have said (using better writing than my pablum), I am not sure there are many originals of anything anymore. 30 or 40 years ago some guy hacked this up, died, his estate sold it, the guy that bought it also sold it. An item changes hands 5 or 6 times. Before you know it, you seem to have acquired a one of a kind original.

I gave up. I'd just rather have a nice train that either I can fix/refinish or run (and look good). Frank falls into the category of looking great and very likely working great.


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