Friday, May 19, 2006

Chief Jeremy on eBay

Been reading the O Gauge forums. The usual speculation about MTH making too much standard gauge, prices are falling, yada yada yada.

I work in the computer world where every price is scrutinized, argued over and then dropped anyway. Customers don't expect to give up one iota of quality and service eventhough they are paying less than the manufacturing cost of the product. If you look at trains, price vs. value doesn't seem to have the same impact, especially on items no longer available from key suppliers like McCoy.

Here's a current sale running on eBay. I'll be honest, I am not a nut for circus trains. I don't hate them or anything, matter of fact I would like to have at least one or maybe two in my collection. I just don't seek them out.

There are two right now out on eBay, both for well over $1500. Both McCoy, both recent. I know eBay is not indicitive of an entire market but it isn't a bad indicator. I can think of two different books on standard gauge that are in the works and friend's tell me of several more that I don't know about ;)

I hope our economy continues despite the seemingly never ending parade of variables designed to rock it or throw it off completely. Current standard gauge (well after WWII from the late 60's on) seems very hot, every bit as hot as a mint 392E or 400E. What's going on?


PS My own take that I will discuss later is that we need more suppliers.


Anonymous said...

My biggest gripe is how the people on the O gauge forums act like MTH is the beginning and end of all Standard Gauge. Smaller outfits make these things by hand, the way they used to be made, AND IN THE USA, and the attitude is like, "No, I want to buy it from MTH."

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Hey, that's fine with me. Some of the greatest trains ever made are not from the mainstream.

If the masses choose to delude themselves into believing one vendor is the only vendor, than be free. I'm ok with that. Makes less people going after the great stuff.