Thursday, May 18, 2006

Standard Gauge Inspection Car (Scratch Built)

I was browsing through some TTOS newsletters from 1975 and I came across this article on a really interesting track inspection car.

This gentleman, Larry Archer put together something unusual with readily available parts, even today!

You can blow the article and read it yourself. Purist standard collectors probably won't go for something like this but these kinds of trains are getting more and more interesting to me.

Remember that article I had on a huge standard gauge collection in the 1960's (E. Carl Pieper)? I saw a video of his collection called "C&E Lines". He had one really amazing collection, it was wild to see it in action. But what really caught my eye was the scratch built stuff this guy had on his layout. An interuban, a really interesting Cascade with custom cars and inpsection car and custom made track! I'll see if I can get some of this onto the blog. The quality is pretty bad but the collection is unreal.

PS I highly recommend joining TTOS. Yes, this is 31 years old but there are plenty of folks in TTOS that are every bit as innovative as the spirit shown here. Join the TTOS (the link above takes you to TTOS, it will be listed on the blog shortly).



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