Friday, May 19, 2006

Mid-Day Refresh

A couple of my readers wrote me and said they were bored out of their skulls at work and asked me to do something mid-day. As my wife says "Try listening for once!". Ok, I did.

Check the guy to the left out! This is from a 31 year old TTOS Newsletter. How cool is this?

He kitbashed, hashed and put together a couple of different loco's and parts to make one really cool American Flyer 4688. There is no 4688 officially cataloged by Flyer, yet there it is in his hands.

This guy's name was Ralph Pauly. He received parts for an AF #4000 frame and miscellaneous pilots. The effect is stunning and that's just in black and white.

This whole thing has to go into the "Where are they now????" discussion. All the charisma of American Flyer paint and color schemes, plus a reliable Flyer motor plus the "architecture" of an Ives 3245.

I gotta build something like this! Join TTOS, if for no other reason because it attracted a brilliant guy like Ralph Pauly!


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