Monday, May 22, 2006

A GG1 Article From the Past....

I was perusing some old TTOS Newsletters and I saw this really interesting article on John Daniel's GG1 creations.

What's interesting is that ANOTHER GG1 from another manufacturer was produced around this time. I'll show the advertisement in the next post.

This article mentions a GG1 that John made I didn't know about. I know about the Tuscan and the Brunswick flavors but Blackjack Silver? That's a new one. I'd love to see what that looks like!

Check out the article, it is tremendously interesting and makes you wonder what else is out there? The article is well over 27 years old, so please don't bug John for a GG1!

Does anyone have a picture of their GG1 they'd like to contribute? I have 'em in O gauge and standard. Guess which one I like better!?!?


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