Thursday, March 15, 2007

Amazing Auction at Maurer (April 6th and 7th, 2007)

As you all can tell, I haven't posted as many auctions up as I used to. That's predominantly because they have become in large part kind of ho hum. Boring to be exact. Would I like more 200 series or 500 series cars. Well, ya. Do I want to look at them over and over again? Not really.

As you know from reading my blog, I like Ted Maurer's auction house. It is NOT pretentious, going to auctions there seems to be consistently interesting and fun and I like the people that run them and manage them. All told one of the best run operations around.

So this auction is something special. Lots of C&F, Knapp, Howard, Ives, some absolutely great Lionel trolleys and some substantial classic standard gauge. There's also some top notch 2 7/8 as well. I'll try and post some of the pics. Remember, this is the estate of a well known and long time TCA person. It took a lifetime to roll a collection like this....


PS The pics I'll post are of items that I wish I could see made by our curent crop of manufacturers.

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alex said...

Marc, I will be there, and we should meet face to face finally. But I dont know about this auction, the early stuff seems to be comprised of two types: totally trashed originals or restorations. there are a few pieces that look very good and original, but they also look like every "aged" restoration I have ever seen as well. I'll have to get out my black light and magnifying glass.