Friday, March 09, 2007

Looking At The Wheels "Go 'Round"

"There is something in the complex human makeup that stirs at the sight of objects in motion -that thrills responsive to the charm of flying spokes or smoothly-moving machinery; in brief, all of us, young and old, 'like to see the wheels go 'round.' It is this fact that makes the operation of a model railway, whether in the store window for attraction and profit, or in the home circle for pleasure and instruction, a thing of unfailing interest and sure return."

- from a ca. 1914 Voltamp catalog

This still holds true today, even in the information age, or whatever it is we chose to call the early years of the 21st century.

Our modern age does have its marvels. I'm just back from a delightful 12 day cruise in South America. I was able to check email and surf the web from on board the ship. I even bid on a couple of EBAY items. The ship was not one of those 3000 passenger giants. However, even though it held only 700 passengers, it had a computer room with about 20 terminals. Online time could be purchased in packages with lower per minute fees on the bigger packages. I found that a 200 minute package was just perfect for us.

I thought about my tinplate trains from time to time while on vacation, especially after the topic came up at the dinner table. I didn't run into any more train buffs, but my orange Lionel tee shirt did elicit a few responses from fellow passengers. I enjoyed describing my fondness for antique tinplate, and I felt good about the hobby and my participation in it.

Now it's back to the fun of standard gauge as there are some interesting events on the horizon. I have a local TCA meet this Sunday, and there are some online autions happpening. I'm also getting ready to publish the Spring issue of Tinplate Times, and I want to get back to working on some projects in my shop. Vacations are fun, but it's also nice to return to something that's fun all year long. Looking at the wheels going 'round is one of those all-year-long fun things that I really enjoy.


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