Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Great Looking #1 Gauge Blue Comet

Well, I too have had my eye on a #1 gauge locomotive model, but like Marc, I have a space problem in my train room, where stuff is literally piled on the floor now, and in my wallet, where there is too much space available where greenbacks are supposed to reside. But this baby sure is tempting. I'm a sucker for Blue Comets of any pedigree. This model I like. Look at the valve gear. It has many great features like: "Can Motor Drive with Built In Cooling Fan, All Drive Axles Gear Driven, 3 Patent Ball Bearing Equipped Prime Mover Gearboxes, 2 Flywheels For Better Locomotive Performance, Blackened cast metal drive wheels," etc. Ahhhhh, so many trains, so little resources...


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