Friday, March 16, 2007

Snowy day in the Northeast....

Well it's another snowy day here in the Northeast. I love these old Ives engines. Yep, they are part of the Maurer auction...

My kids are thrashing the house and I am still supposed to be working today. Today is definitely a toy train day. I really want to stretch some legs of these new McCoy boxcars. I'm also going to give the 384E Comet a few runs and maybe even break out some trolleys for local passenger service. Yes I know, I'm supposed to be working. I'll run the trains at lunchtime!

I was in Jersey City most of the day yesterday and I noticed some really old buildings that would be entirely appropriate for modeling on a standard gauge layout. I'll grab some shots next week and post them. I've always heard Jersey City has some huge train collections, is there anyone from Jersey out there that's seen one of these phantoms?


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