Monday, April 23, 2007

G Gauge Colossus

While you guys were in York spending $$$, I was rolling up and down the Eastern Seaboard. I found some trains in Orlando!

Now if you haven't been to Orlando, it has become a Mecca for all that is dubbed "tourist".

There was this place in Orlando called "Trainland". As far as I can tell, the place was really started to offer aerial/helicopter rides to Orlando visitors and the owner just happens to be a train nut.

This layout is worth the $8 price of admission. It is absolutely gigantic. 10 trains actually run at once as well as several trolleys. It's all G gauge. The layout itself is enormous. I can't really tell what the dimensions are because it has several very, very large mountain ranges and seems to go on and on with details for quite a distance.

I was on a tight time budget so I didn't get to look as much as I would have liked but that shouldn't stop anyone from chugging on over to International Drive in Orlando and taking a look at this place. It isn't standard gauge but it is one impressive layout. My favorite part was the town and the trolleys that ran through the middle.


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