Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Not Happy Bob. Not Happy.

This little guy is Gilbert Huph from the Incredibles. Brad Bird is one of my favorite directors and the Incredibles is one of my favorite movies.
Whoever drew this guy and/or came up with him is a genius. Tension and anxiety racks every part of his tense body. The movie is a work of art, if for no other reason: Gilbert Huph. The title of this post is a quote from the movie.
With that said, this guy looks like I feel. Before I completely trash anyone, I just want to say that I won't. I'm venting.
I paid for my new tinplate items over two weeks ago. I planned on writing a review this week. I have yet to see a a single item despite numerous calls and promises to the contrary. I paid for them on time yet they are SITTING in someone's shipping department waiting for someone to slap a shipping label on them.
Now, am I going to trash the company that is selling me these?
I'm Not Happy Bob. Not Happy.

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