Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why am I supposed to be excited again?

Just saw Lionel's Christmas catalog. Why am I supposed to be excited again? It's a retread of quite a few items Lionel has already produced repeatedly.

A G-Gauge Polar Express? Ok, the first one was nice but it's getting a little overdone. I'll be interested to see how Lionel reproduces the trains from Harry Potter.

I am a Harry Potter fan thus I am hoping/wishing Lionel does this right.

Why am I so hard on Lionel? Because I expect them to be better than everyone else, that's why. The catalog is weak. Apparently Lionel doesn't discern between short term profit taking and long term market building. I hope the catalogs get better and I hope their are no more repeats of the less than superb #45 Gateman.

Come on guys, this isn't rocket science.


PS Sorry Lionel, we can't all be like Certain Toy Train Magazines and kiss your ass.

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