Saturday, April 07, 2007

The George Indig Auction At Maurer

I attended both sessions (Friday and Saturday) for a few hours each day. Funny how some commentators opinioned that many of the pieces were in poor condition. But as far as I'm concerned you would never know that from the prices realized, particularly on the rare stuff. From my perspective prices across the board were equal to or greater that what I'm used to on EBAY and elsewhere, and at least for me there were no "deals" to be had. I made no purchases either day, not because there were no items that I was interested in, but rather, the bidding was intense and items quickly exceeded my predetermined maximums. I'll let others who were there comment further and simply say that it was fun to watch the auction, examine some of the rare pieces, and chat with attendees.



Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I wish I could have gone. Regardless of the condition, I would have liked to have seen some of the items.

Some Cohen 2 7/8 was there. How much did it go for? What was the most suprising item? I actually don't care too much about cost, just the items themselves.

Thanks for the report Jim! Makes me wish I could have driven the 3.5 hours!


Jim Kelly-Evans said...

There was some Cohen 2-7/8" gauge. In my opinion, the Lionel Converse trolley was a made up piece consisting of a nice Converse body in the correct Lionel colors combined with a constructed motor and frame that looked like a combination of newer and older parts. The motor was obviously worked on or maybe newer and the wood fram itself may be new work. This could have been the work of Cohen. It went for $1,900. A #500 2-7/8" gauge maroon and black derrick car with repro parts went for $1,600! A nickel plated repro #100 B&O type loco went for $600 and a nickel plated repro gondola went for $250. A piece identified as a Cohen repro #800 Metropolitan Express electric car went for $600. Finally, the Repro #310 suspension bridge mounted on four #380 repro pilars with track and base went for $500.

Suprising items: a #2 Electric Rapid Transit SG Red/Cream TRAILER Ca. 1910 that went for $4,700. An American Flyer Rolls Royce blue 4689 President's Special set with OBs (no set box) that went for $10K.

A bit of sanity returned to the Lionel #6 market. A C6 thick rim and tender went for $900. On the other hand, a thim rim, split frame #6 and tender in C4 condition brought $2,200!

Jim Kelly