Friday, April 13, 2007

More Pics and Labels

More imagery from the wonderful Indig auction at Maurer.

That bottom one is ridiculously nice. Seeing these pictures makes any criticism of this auction kind of moot. Just seeing the trains would be worth the trip!

I know a few are wondering what these little "labels" are under the articles in the Blog. This is one of those nice things that differentiates a computer generated magazine from the paper kind. These words are headers the authors give the articles they write. There are almost 900 articles in the Standard Gauge Blog. If you're like me, you see something you are interested in and if you're lucky, you remember it. More often than not we forget way too much of what we know or we think we have seen in the toy train world.

That's where the headers come in. They are tags for the Google database engine. Too technical? Let me whip out my techno weenie translator:

If you want to search for articles in the blog and have your results be accurate, these words help.

Now go get that tax return so you can buy some more trains!


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