Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Indigs auction

Well, I wrote a long winded piece about the indig auction and for some reason when I went to put in pictures, it deleted it. I have no energy to write it all over again.. Lets just say that the prices realized pretty much reflected the condition of the stuff, I spent 3 hours at the preview looking at only the pre WWI stuff and still couldn't tell what was going on with a lot of it, and there were a few good deals, but no real bargains, to be had. I think I got one of them:

this is a 1911 Special that I have been wanting for about 25 years. A friend told me last year that there may only be about 10 of them out there. That sounds a little low to me, but basically, they are hard to get. And it runs just fine - I couldn't believe it. I am sure it had been sitting on George's shelf at least since it was photographed in Lou Hertz The Toy Collector book back in the 60's. The other thing I got wasn't such a deal. I thought it was the deal of the century until I did my research AFTER the sale (we can't know everything, can we) and found out I paid a bit of a premium for it.

Its an Althof-Bergman engine from ca. 1875. Being a floor toy, its not exactly standard gauge blog-worthy, but I dragged it all the way home, so I am gonna post it.



Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I beg to differ! That Althof train is very cool! Definitely standard gauge blog worthy!

Retype the long article! I'd love to hear your views.

That 1911 Special looks absolutely gorgeous! Can you do some Youtube video of it going through its' paces?


Anonymous said...

I too would love to see a video of the 1911 in action.

Why doesn't MTH make a repro of that loco with the 180 cars?