Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brute Obsession?

Folks, I have seen what is amounting to hundreds of posts on the new offering of the Brute! It's getting obsessive and/or excessive. Yep, I know it is a free country.

But the product hasn't even hit the streets yet. It will either be outrageously successful or it will sit on dealer shelves until it is marked down and then resold on eBay with the claim by some idiot that it was a rare item only produced by MTH for one year. Either way, it will find a spot in many collections.

And it will provide many arguements once it is widely available. Is it consistent with the original? Does it pull well? Can it fit through a Hellgate Bridge or a 120L tunnel? Who the hell knows until they get out? Did the original Brute have Lionel Supermotors? What kind of sounds did MTH sample for the sound system? Does it need a 72 inch curve to run? Please, go easy on the posts. Isn't there something else we can talk about like what we'd like to see the new Lionel relationship produce next?


1 comment:

alex said...

well, I for one don't have much else to do or talk about. And if you want to turn the dicussion to what they should produce next, that would be the 381s, the standard gauge version Lionel prototyped after they made the Brute and decided the Brute was too big. Hey, while we are on the subject of the Brute....