Thursday, March 26, 2009

Standard Gauge Layout Day 2

Here were are, day 2 and my train room is thrashed. But the layout is coming along. Lemme know what ya think!



Ives Traino said...

I've been enjoying the blog but have been a lurker for quite a while. Finally figured out how to post a comment.
That layout is coming along great. For the transformers etc. you could try a small rolling wheel table with lockable wheels. It could have another shelf under the top for another transformer or some other control. I did this on one layout. You can then move the controls from one side to another as you try it out and decide what you like best. Might be a good idea for you. Works well unless you have lots of wired blocks and wired electric switches (turnouts). For the permanent lighting of accessories/buildings you could have a transformer on a shelf "hanging" under the layout.
Alternatively, you could run a couple of 2x4's or vertical 1x4's attached under the layout and extending out from the side to make into a transformer/control shelf. We did this on one layout. In any case, you'll work it out to your satisfaction I'm sure. Have fun!

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

That's tremendously helpful, thank you. I thought about mounting some of the electronics directly onto the benchwork thus your thoughts confirm a bit of my thinking. What power do you use to run the layout (ZW, KW, etc.)?