Sunday, March 29, 2009

Solution For Brittle AF Wiring Insulation

This is the same AF motor wiring as is shown in the March 18th photo. The quick fix for old brittle AF insulation is to simply break off all the old insulation and slide heat shrink tubing over the wires.


Anonymous said...

Jim - great tip, but how do you use this stuff? I'm not familiar with "heat-shrink" material. Thanks.

Jim Kelly said...

Basically, it's just hollow heat sensitive plastic tubing. It's designed to be slipped over, for example, soldered wires, then you use a heat source, like a heat gun, on it and the plastic shrinks tight around the joint. However, you don't have to shrink it as like on the AF motor, where it is just used to insulate the wire. You can get it at Radio Shack.