Saturday, November 06, 2004

JAD Hiawatha - Maurer Rail Auction 11/6/04

Someone grabbed a beautiful set. I have the engine but not the cars (if anyone has any cars they can part with).

They also auctioned off a JAD Southern Pacific Daylight. Went for 1500 bucks. Very reasonable for a very rare set. That's a heck of a nice set close up.

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Gilbert Ives said...

Don't remember seeing the JAD Daylight. Do you have photo to post?

Gilbert Ives said...
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Gilbert Ives said...

As I recall, many more engines [& tenders] were produced. Now why doesn't Mike do a run of these? He could price it at about half the Lionel set and then do streamliners like Pride Lines does in O-gauge. This JAD outfit has a real Toy Train look that the [admittedly dazzling] big Lionel lacks.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I could kick myself. I neglected to take a picture. Arrgghh!

I agree on the MTH thing - I'd like to see them produce a GG1, Santa Fe set or streamliner like a Zephyr (in metal, not plastic) or an M10000.

I have the JAD M10000 and the JAD GG1. They are just awesome.

I'd also love to have a real standard gauge Hudson.