Monday, November 01, 2004

Danbury, CT Rail Museum

This is a great musuem (and here is a little standard gauge to prove it). I've seen some ok prewar stuff in museums. I am kind of anxious to go to the Henry Ford Museum to see the Kughn layout (happening next year). Besides Roadside America, the Toy Train Museum (TCA) and the very few I have been too, what are the best museums you all have been to?

I hear the Sefton Museum is excellent and I have been tempted to the the Shempp collection. I have no desire to get bludgeoned with 80 tons of postwar stuff. Ok, maybe 1 ton.

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Gilbert Ives said...

Nov. 4 -- Yes, I remember it well....
Went to the Dearborn/Detroit TCA convention [and when was that?] and was entranced by Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village. A perfect fit for Carail layout.

Long ago, Edwin P. Alexander moved his collection from his barn to downtown Gettysburg. Don't know what happened to it -- and it may still be there but I haven't seen any advertising in the last several years. Worth a Google. But do visit Shempp collection. Williamsport is not far off I-80 so an easy stop when driving to York. Just your kind of stuff and where else can you see The Brute?