Saturday, November 06, 2004

Ted Maurer Standard Gauge Auction 11/6/04

I was really glad to get to this auction in PA today. I was kind of green around the gills and needed a friend to come and prop me up. What a long friggin drive!! I got there about an hour late but I was definitely NOT disappointed.

I gotta tell ya, I had a great time. The prices were very reasonable. I loved the way the products were presented. I grabbed a no. 8 set, an Ives Bridge (see other post) and a Dehanes A unit. The other Dehanes AB unit went for $750. A little more than I wanted to pay. Among the other cool things that went - a ton of Pride Lines stuff and a ton of McCoy. There was a dealer there that was buying McCoy like it was on fire.

I saw another collector buy a nice 390E towards the end of the auction and the tender fell smack, flat on the floor. Funny because I nearly had a coronary! All of the 390's, 385's and 1835's went for under 500 bucks. Totally reasonable and above board.

I also liked the how the auctioneer kept it friendly. He knew quite a few of the folks in the audience. It felt like I was at a town meeting and eventhough I was outbid on many items that I wanted, I was glad to see other collectors get what they wanted. It was very friendly and there was some serious speculation by many of the attendees on the origins of the items as well as their age. If was really fun listening to the speculation (I learned something). By the way, I was sitting in the middle (no. 150).

I highly recommend watching this auction house and attend these. If nothing else, PA is beautiful this time of year. I loved seeing those big bales of hay in the fields!

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