Saturday, November 06, 2004

Ives Bridge

Ok, I picked up this Ives Bridge at the Maurer Auction. It reminded me of the bridges from my post on Oct. 28th. This is a cool looking bridge and frankly, I haven't seen one before. (Yes, I collect standard gauge but I am collector that doesn't even start to pretend to know everything.) I love going to these events because I learn a tremendous amount and see thing I never knew existed.

So here's the question - Do I refurbish it or just clean up the track and leave it the way it is? I think it would look absolutely amazing refub'ed. Frankly, it's going right on the layout I am planning. So whaddya think?

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Anonymous said...

This was one man's collection and it was interesting to see because of the unusual SG items he collected in addition to the usual Lionel, etc. Prices on most of the items were certainly reasonable. It was a nice day for a pretty drive throught the PA countryside.

Jim Kelly

Anonymous said...

I don't have an account so I am responding anonymously. I do have a bridge like yours
and I think yours is missing the center section. Actually I have 4 bridges like that, 2 complete and two in semi complete form like yours. They are very fragile at the soldier joints. My father got my first bridge back in the early 70s and it cost him a whole weeks salary. I just missed one incomplete on Ebay. It went for $156. I would have paid more for it but I wasn't home.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

If you can, can you send me a picture of the bridge with all of the correct parts/peices? I'd love to see one of these in better shape. It's fragility was what intrigued me (and its' size).